Episode 9: Mary Beth Smith

Episode 9 of the smash hit web series! Today, I sit down with the magnificent Mary Beth Smith! We gab about her hit podcast, and the things we love!


TOMORROW (Saturday night 9/5/15) at midnight: Drunk in a Trunk LIVE feat. Mary Beth Smith

Capping off the fabulous Jangleheart festival in the last evening’s final slot is Drunk in a Trunk with Andy Junk: LIVE! Buy tickets for the festival, see a bunch of shows, and hopefully you’ll find yourself in our beloved crowd for this joyous event! Our special guest is the amazing and talented Mary Beth Smith, host of the excellent podcast “MBSing”. Check it out, and check us out…. TOMORROW!

Episode 8: Asher Perlman

Episode 8 of the hit series “Drunk in a Trunk with Andy Junk: A show for friends.” It’s a Hanukkah SPECTACULAR! The multitalented Asher and I settled down on the first night of Hanukkah, drank an awful lot of wine, and celebrated out friendship. Asher proves once again that he’s not just a hunk, he’s a hunk with a heart of gold!

Episode 6: Caitlin Stephan

Episode 6 of the hit series “Drunk in a Trunk with Andy Junk: A show for friends.” Andy and Caitlin drank PBRs before and during the filming of this episode. This was presented to a live audience as a part of the amazing Jangleheart Circus! Today’s guest- The luminous Caitlin Stephan!